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Installing Preware with WebOS Quick Install

You can use version 4.1.1 or later of WebOS Quick Install to install Preware on any device easily and quickly, without the need to download a big 200MB SDK and webOSDoctor.

Latest Version of WebOS Quick Install available here: WebOS Quick Install v4.3.1

For a step-by-step tutorial and interactive problem troubleshooting, the official WOSQI Homebrew Guide is highly recommended

  1. Install the required Software
    1. Click here to verify that you have the latest java installed on your computer and update if needed
    2. Click Here to download the current version of WebOS Quick Install
  2. Put your device in Developer Mode
  3. Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable, and select “Just Charge” or “Cancel” (on a Touchpad). Do not select USB Drive.
  4. Run WebOS Quick Install. If the novacom driver is not installed, WebOS Quick Install will download and install that for you.
    1. Do not believe any guide that says you need to download the SDK or webOSDoctor for WOSQI to run. The most you’ll download is the novacom driver, which is only 11MB on Windows, and will be done via WOSQI.
  5. If you are installing on a Veer, you will need to reboot the phone at this point or WOSQI will not recognize it. Hold the On/Off button down for about five seconds and release it. Select “Power” then select “Restart”.
  6. Click the third button on the right (the globe icon)
  7. Select the Applications tab at the top
  8. Search for Preware
  9. Click Install.


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