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Transfer Files from PC to Touchpad or Touchpad to PC

Transfer Files from PC to Touchpad or Touchpad to PC:

Simple way to sync/transfer files from PC to touchpad or viceversa :

1. Add account as drive in you PC

2. Install in touchpad(which comes by default, if it was uninstalled.. install it again)

Procedure to add to PC:

Note: If you want to create a account, you can create it from here.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

1) Open My Computer through the Start Menu or by pressing Win+E.

2) Choose Map network drive as shown in the image below.

mapping network drive

3) A new Windows will open where you have to choose the drive letter, choose whatever drive letter you like, and enter the following:

choosing network drive

4) Do check that you have selected Reconnect at logon and click Finish.

5) Now you’ll be asked to fill in your account credentials to connect to your drive or folder.

network drive credentials

6) Your mapped drive will have the name dav (\\\DavWWWRoot), though you can change the name by right-clicking it and renaming it. network drive


Now all the files you drop in that drive will showup in touchpad. This is easiest way to access your files than transferring it using USB.









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