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Fix for bricked HP Touchpad or reset/restore to factory settings

Procedure to fix bricked HP Touchpad:

Download WebOS Doctor form:

Recovery Mode: Top Button and Volume Button Up.

Run WebOS Doctor and follow instructions.

Each Stage of WebOS Doctor:

1. WebOS Doctor begins
2. At 3%, a ramdisk is transferred to the phone, and the phone is rebooted
3. At 4%, the screen changes to the HP logo
4. At 9%, the screen changes to a big arrow pointing down to an integrated circuit
5. Novaterm access is available from 12% onwards
6. The progress bar advances by 2% increments every 20 seconds or so
7. If it gets stuck at 52% for more than 30 seconds, it’s not going to progress further 8. and you will need to try again.
9. Around 54% the filesystems are being partitioned
10.Around 64% the modem firmware is being reflashed
11. Around 72% the carrier apps are being installed
12. Around 82% the ROM is being verified

Doctor disconnects at 8% Fix:

If the webOS Doctor continually disconnects at 8%, then you probably have a corrupted USB drive. This is how you can fix that (note that this will completely and utterly destroy all data on the USB drive).
If you are reading this following an interrupted webOS Doctor, you might want to try to extract the installer uImage from the version that was there before the interrupted procedure. For example if you were upgrading from webOS 2.0.0 to webOS 2.1.0, you might want to try the uImage from the 2.0.0 webOS Doctor jar.

First put the device into recovery mode, then memboot the device using the installer uImage (extracted from your webOS Doctor jar):

novacom boot mem:// < nova-installer-image-castle.uImage

After it boots, run novaterm:


Once connected to the device, type:

lvm.static vgscan –ignorelockingfailure
lvm.static vgchange -ay –ignorelockingfailure

then type:

mkdosfs -f 1 -s 64 /dev/store/media

Once that completes, put the device back into recovery mode and run the webOS Doctor.

12% Fix:

1. Run Novaterm while on 12%.
2. Type this:

dosfsck -r /dev/mapper/store-media

3. Choose “Yes”
4. Restart devise and run WebOS Doctor again.



2 thoughts on “Fix for bricked HP Touchpad or reset/restore to factory settings

  1. Hi there. I need help please!!!

    My tp won’t turn on and I”ve tried every button combo found as suggestions on the web. Tried resetting the a.c. adapter and plugging in. The charger remains cold indicating tp not charging. The adapter and usb are working fine. I”ve tried other adapter and usb as well. Tried running webOS doctor but my pc does not recognize the tablet when I plug it into pc port, even tried the other port on pc.

    Tp was working fine before yesterday. The screen is dead/black. When I started working on this problem yesterday I plugged it in pc port and did the button combos and got the home key light come on which then flashed left to right. I got excited at the response and unplugged it and then plugged into a.c. adapter but no sign of life since.

    I’m a bit of a technotard, so I need detailed explanation from anyone who can help please!

    The version of webOS I had on tp was 3.0.5 I believe. It hasn’t been jail breaked (not that I didn’t want to. Just too scared I might screw it up).

    Please help!! Thank you!


    Posted by Angileque | September 20, 2012, 3:57 am
    • I had simillar problem with my touchpad too before. It might be your adapter usb calbe or your adapter. good news is atleast you are getting that light in the home button .. that means it is not completely dead or having any other hardware problem.

      Try this, find some other usb cable from your external harddisk or your phone chanrger usb cable and connect it to the adapter and your touchpad and leave it for few hours. some times touchpad wont switch on immediately when battery is completely drained, so be patient and leave touchpad to charge for few hours then it will slowly switch on.

      Also, FYI.. that light which is showing in touchpad home button is because .. charging adapter you connected is not compatible for the touchpad charger(in other words.. charging you connected from PC is not having enough power to charge it. you have to use its own adapter)

      let me know how it goes.

      Posted by sriramvg | September 28, 2012, 1:42 pm

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